Harbor Safety In Jonathan’s NYC Helo! Marine Radio Installed.

Up until now, no charter helicopters in the 2nd largest port of the US featured marine radio frequencies built in to their aircraft. Always baffling.  Previously, to insure VHF Marine communication, I’ve dutifully & painfully taped the ear buds from my hand held VHF marine radio to my ears, under the standard aviation head phones.  Now, as a team, my pilot and I are pleased  to announce, in our  effort to provide clients with the safest marine helicopter/photographer/pilot team in NY/NJ harbor, we have fully integral marine radio VHF.  Not only does this create better situational awareness, for all marine agencies, but we can now easily “navigationally choreograph” with a ship’s pilot, the movements that help create the iconic photographs we are known to produce. (Additionally, for redundant safety review, we record all radio transmissions including auto audio notifications during our entire flight as well videotape  the flight from first rotor spin to landing of every flight movement and adjacent aircraft.)  SAFETY FIRST!!!